10 ways artists can complement their skills

10 ways

I am part of a WhatsApp forum of the Ugandan DJ Association and someone posted a few eye catching points so I would like to share them with everyone reading this, especially Ugandan artists or DJs. If you are not blessed with an incredible amount of talent or skill in whatever you do, it is still possible to stand out.

Here are 10 Things That Require Zero Talent or Money but could still make you look and appear extraordinary as a DJ or an artist:

  1. Keep Time

Arrive 10 minutes early, being on time is actually late. Don’t take 20 minutes to set up a presentation at 2pm for a meeting scheduled for 2pm, it’s annoying and disrespectful.

  1. Dress Well

Event organizers like nice things, you can open doors just by the way you look or smell. Make an impression for the organizer to look for your music or beats.

  1. Make the effort, have a good work ethic.

Never ever take anything for granted no matter how good you are or think you are.

  1. Body Language

Carry yourself with energy, when greeting people your handshake should be firm, look people in the eye. Don’t be timid. Event organizers or promoters are looking for bold artists, not shy guys no matter how infamous you are.

  1. Energy

The best gigs are often given to those who show the most energy not the most skilled or talented. So work on your energy. Make your stage performance very energetic this moves the crowd really fast.

  1. Attitude

Never act like life, your boss or your job owes you a favor. Cut the attitude, everyone is replaceable including me and you. So when you meet promoters, be approachable and have a good attitude. With this, you will bond more with people.

  1. Passion

Most of the artists and DJs in Uganda have the passion for what they do. But as time goes by, the level of passion deteriorates. Be that guy whose passion for music is 100℅ from day 1!

  1. Be Coachable

Unless you are already a millionaire sit down and learn. Whoever you meet, no matter who they are in life can teach you something. So if an older artist comes up to you and tells you to do something in a particular way, do it because he has been where you are and he knows how to carry on.

  1. Do Extra

Put in the hours of practice (especially DJs), it will show in your output, whether it’s a song, mix or a set at a club. Mr DJ always tells me “You can do nothing without practice”. As Artists or DJs, you should learn not to always talk about the extra work you put in, let it show in your work.

  1. Be Prepared

Everywhere you go you are making a first impression to someone. Will they remember you? There are more than 1 million artists in Uganda, a lot of them talented. There are a lot of successful artists without much talent, it’s probably because they are memorable and they have learnt how to distinguish themselves from the bandwagon of artists. Learn to be prepared and do every gig like your life depends on it.

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