1Der Jr ft. Andre – Hallelujah (Recap #SNMS No. 274)

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Hallelujah – 1Der Jr ft. Andre

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1Der Jr’s strategy seems to be paying off. The young upcoming rapper has for a while claimed that he is studying the game as it is in Uganda to help him put out better music and after his earlier stint of the moderately successful singles such as “Drogba” and “Tebatusobola”, the change is evident.

His more recent single titled “Mama Africa” that features Andre and Charlene has been doing really well on radio and sounds like he made more carefully calculated decisions while making this song. Last weekend, he joined us on the show to premiere his new single titled “Hallelujah”.

1Der Jr


Just like with “Mama Africa”, when one listens to “Hallelujah”, it is evident that 1Der Jr has learnt more and is applying it in the music. Unlike many of his previous songs which a geared towards a party/dance setting, “Hallelujah” is a softer, slower and really smooth track that is more about praising God.

1Der Jr on “Hallelujah”.

The track was produced by Aethan who gave it an African touch coupled with some hi-hat rolls and thick bass. It also features Andre who croons excellently making his feelings quite palpable. 1Der Jr’s performance on this track is a testimony to God’s love for him and it is a mixture of rapping and singing in English, Luganda and Runyakitara.

He details how God has helped him overcome whenever he is in challenging times. 1Der Jr, who happens to be born again also told us about how he needed God to find himself and get to where he wanted to be.

We also found out during the interview that he plans on releasing a couple of more tracks that show his versatility so that he can do a live show around the end of the year and probably release a full project such as an EP.

With his new strategy, 1Der Jr will definitely be a big deal in no time. Check out the track and share it with the next person.