1Der Jr premieres “Mama Africa” (Recap #SNMS No. 264)

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For those that may not know who 1Der Jr is, he is the Ugandan rapper who has been on the scene for quite while now. He is the artist behind the tracks “Drogba”, “Kampala” and “Tebatusobola”. After taking a while to properly analyze the Ugandan music industry and how it works, 1Der Jr recently decided to resume releasing material.

The rapper is back with a new single called “Mama Africa” that features Andre and Charlene. He joined us on the show last Saturday to release the song and we also got to know more about the ideologies and philosophies that he keeps in mind as he comes up with new music.

“Mama Africa” is an up-tempo track leaning towards an Afro-Beat style on which 1Der Jr raps in three languages (English, Luganda and Runyakitara) praising Africa for its natural beauty and emphasizing unity irrespective of one’s country of origin on the continent.

The chorus bears additional vocals from Andre in a dancehall style with some backing from Charlene and production by Aethan. It’s basically a song with a good message that can also get you dancing and is meant to set the tone for his forthcoming project as he said.

1Der Jr’s beliefs.

1Der Jr also shared with us about how his relationship with God is a major influence in the way he creates his music, his mission to inspire and edify when it comes to culture, and also the calculative steps he is taking to package his music in a way that makes it worth consuming for both the Ugandan listeners and those elsewhere.

You can listen to a bit of his interview and also download his song. Once you have it, talk about it and definitely share it with as many people as you can.

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