5 things you didn’t know about J.C. Muyonjo

J.C. Muyonjo

A lot of people who know J.C. Muyonjo know him as a singer/guitarist doing fusions of R&B, Soul & Hiphop. Much as this is all true and he has a good number of songs to show for it including the less-than-a-week old single “Kanoonye”, there’s more to his story outside the music.

In this new series called “5 things you didn’t know”, we are going to be doing exactly what the title says and today, we bring you 5 things you didn’t know about J.C. Muyonjo.

Something creative

J.C. Muyonjo happens to have a background in art and when he isn’t making music, he does a lot of digital painting work and traditional paintings too. He also happens to be a sketch artist working with Sketch Klan UG.

J.C. Muyonjo

J.C. Muyonjo

Something naughty

During his early high school years, J.C. Muyonjo was once caught with a group of other students stoning mangoes in the night after prior warning not to do so, which got him suspended from school for a while.

Something charitable

J.C. has been involved in a number of charity works, with some under a Watoto Cell Group and he has also performed at other charity events including 40 Days 40 Smiles’ #BuildADorm. He also recently participated in Project RIC (Reading Is Cool) with the rapper O.P.U.

Something shifty

When J.C. was in S.2., he once had trouble getting the response he wanted from a girl he was pursuing and he went as far as writing a love letter and dropping some water on it to make it look like his emotions were so strong that he had cried while writing the letter. It eventually worked.

Something sporty

J.C. used to play Basketball and Badminton but seeing as he needed spectacles, he ended up having to cut back on this after facing difficulties that arose from this challenge.

There is definitely a lot more we know about him but that’s all we can tell you for now so as you support his music, make an effort to follow his story too since the two are entwined.