5 things you didn’t know about Martha Smallz

Martha Smallz

When one says the name Martha Smallz, the first thing that will probably come to mind is, “the one half of the Hiphop/R&B group, Airportaxi” and maybe more recently, the singer behind the singles “Can We” and “Ono”. Martha Smallz happens to be our artist of the month for August and in that spirit, we shall be having a piece about her in each week of this month.

Today, it’s all about the little things you didn’t know about Martha and we are armed with many but we’ll stick to just five for now so here goes:

Something creative

When she’s not in the studio singing, Martha likes to cook and is she is quite good at it however, it wasn’t always like that. Her first attempt at preparing pilau (a type of spiced brown rice) was a major disaster with the whole thing ending up like porridge. She says that she could see that all the compliments that she received from her family members were out of politeness.

Something naughty

During childhood, Martha Smallz once upgraded from the common sugar stealing that many kids did, took her mum’s loose change to buy samosas and other snacks at Lohana Academy, eventually taking a currency note of a larger denomination which got her exposed infront of her relatives.

Something charitable

As far back as her high school years, Martha was involved in contributing to donations for babies’ homes and visiting them too. She has also been involved in other works of charity under the group Reach A Hand.

Something entertaining

Much as she uses music as one of her major vehicle to tell stories primarily about her own life, Martha, just like many of our older relatives from the “village”, is very good at verbal story-telling and has exceptional skills when it comes to making impressions or imitations of any being she comes into contact with.

Something sweet

You might listen to some of her songs that have lyrics like “can we make love” and conclude that Martha has always been the cliché spoilt “it-girl” since back in her teenage years but that is far from the truth seeing as in high school, she was quite popular for her singing role in the school choir and during fellowship.

Now that you know a little bit more about Martha Smallz’s story, we hope you’ll make a greater effort to follow her music and see the interdependence between the two. That’s it for now, make sure you look out for our next piece about her this coming week.

Photo Credit: Photo4Fashion