A Pass discusses his journey on BBC Radio 1 Xtra

A Pass

What I remember most about the first time I heard of A Pass was feeling like I had to catch up. He was that guy who had a big song out but you could never be sure that you and the next person were talking about the same song.

A Pass’ musical journey.

The dancehall prodigy was releasing music at a pace much faster than the market could consume. With the highly successful singles “Tetubatya” and “Tuli Kubigere” that addressed the struggles an upcoming artist faces, he had captured the attention of the masses in Uganda.

He went on to put out a couple of club anthems like “Nyenya Omugongo”, “I”, “Muliwa”, “Burn Op”, “Twazikoze” and featured on a number of big songs by other artists such as Patrobas’ “My Flair” and Ekky’s “Troublemaker”.

More recently, he has appeared on the single “Memories” with Lilian Mbabazi, which was arguably the biggest Ugandan track in 2015 and has gone on to release “Give Me a Kiss”, “Don’t You Want Me” and “Babylon Bwoy”.

He also has a single called “Gamululu” out, which has taken over the radios and even has a remix that features Konshens. A Pass recently sat down with BBC Radio 1 Xtra’s DJ Edu for a chat about his journey as an artist.

The singer, who recently performed in London to a large crowd talked about how the collaboration with Konshens materialized. He also talked about the growing fusion of Afrobeat and Dancehall in Africa and the nightlife scene in Uganda.

He did mention the “Nva Kampala” album which drops on May 13th. Up until this point, I hadn’t even talked about his other hits like “Wuyo”. That’s evidence to how A Pass is a huge music-making machine, a year in his career is equivalent to five in some others’ careers.

Check out the interview and freestyle right here, and make sure you get the album when it drops.