A Pass releases the “Mariana” video

For A Pass, it has been a fairly busy year so far and as of now, he has a new video out for his single titled “Mariana”. Taken off the “Nva Kampala” album that he released earlier this year, “Mariana” in his own words is a song about a beautiful girl who lives her entire life in the shadow of HIV, men and drugs but decides to spare A Pass’ life.

The video for this song, which was directed by Lukyamuzi Bashir with iVizualz given cinematography credit is out now and it’s definitely one of those that are more about bringing out the message in the song rather than putting a couple of expensive things on display.

It kicks off with A Pass clad in a blue suit with shades on while sipping from a wine glass and discussing business with two other gentlemen namely; Myko Ouma and Jose Sax in a run-down storage house. A beautiful girl dressed in denim shorts, a black bra and an open red and black checkered shirt exposing one of her shoulders then walks in with a bottle of liquor and captures all their attention.

A Pass

She proceeds to take a seat and starts smoking tobacco from a hookah shaped like the Eiffel tower. A Pass goes on to sing about her as Myko Ouma strums his guitar and Jose Sax plays his Saxophone. The video ends with the girl passed out after crying a lot and with the hookah tipped over and the bottle and glass lying on the floor too.

The entire concept (song and video) excels on one front that is portraying the sad side of this girl’s life by focusing less on the immediate repercussions of her lifestyle choices and more on the fact that they lead her into committing a selfless act that is foregoing someone’s love to protect him from ending up with HIV like her.

Truthfully, there isn’t a lot to look at but on further scrutiny, there’s a lot to take away from this song and its video so check it out and share.