A Pass releases the single “Yah Man”

A Pass

Yah Man is one of my best dancehall tunes I’ve listened to from A Pass. It’s a must listen for everyone! It is one of the songs from A Pass’ new Album (Nva Kampala).  Produced by Nessim at Badi Music and mastered by Kemist, Yah Man has hard dancehall beats that can make everyone not only nod their heads but also get up and dance.

About A Pass’ Yah Man.

I’ve always wondered how and where A Pass learnt his Jamaican patois from. The guy has been here in Uganda since childhood but he uses a twist of patois and Luganda to execute his lyrics in Yah Man. This is the type of dancehall song that will have girls screaming in bars and shaking their assets pretty hard.

It is going to give all dancehall artists from all over Africa a run for their money. This is not like any normal A Pass + Nessim song. I believe a lot of work was put in to come up with such a song and when the world gets to listen to it, everyone will be in love with it as I am.

A Pass talks about various topics but basically rotating around girls and him being the biggest dancehall artist in Uganda (which he is as of now). Even though A Pass is known for not making videos for most of his songs, I just hope he considers making one for this song because a good song needs to be backed up by a good video. That’s my view as DJ Slaughter Elly.

This song is one of the reasons as to why you need to buy A Pass’ new album Nva Kampala. If Yah Man is as hot as this, I wonder how the remaining songs on the album sound. Support your own. Support good Ugandan music. Download and share with everyone.