Abaasa releases the video for his single “Run Away”

If you follow Ugandan urban music closely, you probably know who Abaasa is by now. The budding singer, drummer, songwriter and producer who is known by many for his first single “Ntegyerize” released his debut mixtape titled “Rukungiri” a while back.

The mixtape spawned a couple of other great songs including “Simanyi” and the dominant track “Run Away” whose video he has finally released. Abaasa has a considerably experimental, out-of-the-box approach when it comes to his production style, borrowing from and fusing contemporary R&B, Afro-House and Neo-Soul amongst other genres. This is a practice that has evidently spilled over into his video projects.


Abaasa’s approach to Run Away.

The video for “Run Away” paints a picture of a kind of love that is becoming more of a myth with each day that passes by. In an era where the possession of massive material wealth is one of the major forms of motivation for marriage, with people getting more superficial, it is not common for a woman to leave a man at the altar, especially if he looks like the dream man and it’s the dream wedding.

This however is what happens in the video as the bride seeks solace in her childhood sweetheart, choosing inner qualities over everything else. Directed by Savy Filmz’s Sasha Vybz, the video is rich in color and is about the quality of the visuals just as much as it is about the story. If you are a romantic, if you believe in true love, this video is a must watch.

With the video of Run Away out now, Abaasa has surely cemented his position in the Ugandan music industry as one of the new artists that are pushing the boundaries when it comes to sound and everything else that compliments it.

Check it out and do share it with a friend.