About SNMS

The Saturday Night Mix Show (SNMS) is a weekly variety music show that airs every Saturday from 8pm-2am on Radiocity 97FM in Kampala Uganda.mrdj

The show is hosted by Mister Deejay, DJ’ed by ThaDropout and produced by Red Clay alongside Radiocity staff.

Since it first aired in April 2011, the show has gathered a dedicated and loyal following, especially amongst fans of Ugandan urban music, which the show champions.

It is our belief that the Beyonce’s and Chris Browns of the world do not need our promotional help as much as our local artists do. So while we absolutely luurve Beyonce (who doesn’t?) we prefer to concentrate on local artists, especially those who are in need of their first big break.

We dedicate the the first show of every month Ugandan music. From 8pm to 2am every first Satruday we play nothing but UG urban music and we are the first (and perhaps only) radio show in Uganda to do that.

To find out more, contact us or better yet – Tune in!

You can catch us online at radiocity.ug or via the Tunein app.