Agee stars in the new short film “The Dummy Team”

For those that like discovering Ugandan music from newer and younger talent, there are some artists you always follow and for me they include Agee a.k.a. Her Royal Highness. Being one of the most promising female rappers under 25, she is slowly making a name for herself in the entertainment industry on more than one front.

Agee has dipped her toes in the moderately murky waters of the Ugandan film industry and she seems to be doing just fine. She recently played the lead role in a new short film called “The Dummy Team”, a comic film about five kids who try to recreate an HIV film set, which premiered on Tuesday 5th July at the National Theatre.


“The Dummy Team” becomes yet another addition to the ever-growing list of Ugandan films where The Ghetto Film Project has enlisted talent from the Ugandan Hiphop scene. This film also features the up-and-coming rapper/spoken word artist Mal-X who has featured in other films by The Ghetto Film Project such as “Crafts: The Value of Life” and “Silent Depression”, and also the recently released “New Intentions”.

The established Hiphop producer Simon Elly a.k.a. The Soultan is also a part of the production team for this new film. Agee comfortably pulls off a neat performance in this one on both the drama side and the comedy side. This growing trend of substantial collaboration between the younger Hiphop acts and the burgeoning film production houses poses a number of questions;

  1. Are the social issues that artists feel the need to address getting ample representation in the different performance arts such as music, dance and drama in Uganda?
  2. Could film quickly become a more lucrative venture for new artists in which they can easily make greater strides in regard to achieving their self-expression goals as compared to music?
  3. Are we likely to see more integration of film into musicians’ works and a further shift away from music videos as has been the case with a number of internationally successful artists in recent years?

I guess it’s still too early to tell but one thing for sure is that we are going to see more film projects that include musicians in different capacities. For now, go check out “The Dummy Team” on Youtube and share it widely.