August 2016 UG Urban Music Roundup

Urban Music

There is no denying that August was a bit slow for some of us and this cut across Ugandan Urban Music as well.

We saw fewer songs being released compared to June and July and even fewer videos!  I keep wondering why that is but I arrive at the same answer (that I can’t share) every time.

Here are some of the songs that were released last month that I personally think should be on your playlist.

  1. NZIKIRIZA – PRYCE TEEBA & ABAASA  : Abaasa is one of the best vocalists we have at the moment and him being on the same song with Pryce Teeba (One of the best Emcees of the moment and one of my personal “favs”) is just what we need out right now and they did a good job with this song as expected. It will be on my playlist for a long time.
  2. CAN WE STAY – SOLOME BASUUTA  : A very well put together song with incredible vocals. Nothing else comes to mind when you listen to this song except dimmed lights/candles, red wine bottles, sitting cross legged on very soft pillows sipping away and staring at a very attractive man’s eyes all at the same time. Never mind me, go listen to the song.
  3. HOLDING THE LIGHT – J-WATS  :  Just like the saying goes, “tugenda n’abigenda” roughly translated as “we move with what is moving / evolution”, this song’s production is up to international standards compared to what is coming out globally at the moment. I am going to listen to it more before I conclude on how I feel about it.
  4. BUST A SHOT – THE MITH & NUTTY NEITHAN  :  Without a doubt in my mind, this is 95% of UG Urban Music lover’s No.1 Song of August. If you haven’t listened to it, you probably do not have friends because it is being shared and talked about by almost everybody! I think what I like about this song is the rough edge Nutty Neithan gives it. But The Mith’s lines were up there too.
  5. KAFULU – KSL & Nutty Boi :  This is KSL’s  1st track off his upcoming Album AFRICAN CHILDHOOD STORIES that I am impatiently looking forward to. The verses are both in English & Luganda. Personally I prefer the ones in Luganda. I think He did an amazing job with the verses and the production. If you ask me, this is my best August release. I am going to play it for a long long long time.
  6. TUKOMYEWO – ST. NELLYSADE & Keko  :  As always, St. Nellysade’s Lyrics are “LIT” and he didn’t do different in this song. What I heard was a fan’s cry for the rappers/artists that are currently silent to get back into releasing music. It was also good having Keko on a track! It’s been a while! Please don’t go all “she quit/retired” on me.

We had very few videos that came out and only 2 stood out. VOLTAGE’s PULL UP and BARU’s KINGIN with Patrobas & Play01. Both videos gave me exactly what I expected from their genres. I was very impressed with VOLTAGE’s though. Very good work.

I am hoping/fingers crossed/praying that September has more UG Urban music releases in terms of numbers but still maintain the quality upheld by the releases in August. Let’s wait.