Baby Gloria releases the “D.N.A.” video

If you watch local T.V. from time to time, you probably know Baby Gloria. She once had a monopoly when it came to adverts for certain products, partly because she was the lovely young kid who sang with an exceptional glow.

Well now she’s a little more grown and she recently released a video for her single “D.N.A.” which features the rapper Ruyonga. “D.N.A.” was produced by D-King and it tends towards a Hip-Hop sound unlike a lot of the other singles that he produces.

Baby Gloria questions why everything she does is for God or is somehow related to God and subsequently answers it saying that God is an integral part of her life just like her D.N.A. She still has a little more work to put in when it comes to keep some notes neat but she’s definitely in control.

One thing that really drew me to this song was my desire to see how comfortably Baby Gloria is transitioning from a child star to a formidable gospel artist as she gets older. The other reason was my desire to see how far from conventional her approach towards making gospel music is.

“D.N.A.” is evidence that she’s making an effort to defy traditional opinions on what gospel music in Uganda should be like. From the sound she chose, to the fact that she featured a rapper (yes, Ugandan churches haven’t yet fully accepted rap as a vehicle for praise and worship), she is trying to be different.

The video is no different. From the choreography to their choice of outfits, their ideas are more liberal. I mean, they even have break-dancers in Jabbawockeez masks (I’d love to see the look on the faces of old staunch and conservative Christians when they see that shot).

Baby Gloria is a kid no more and it reflects in her ideas so go check out this video and share it with your friend, she just might be the next big gospel star.