Baru releases the video for his single “Kingin”

The rising Hiphop producer Baru has continued his musical efforts this year with a single off his debut EP “Young King” called “Kingin”. Produced by Baru himself, the song is heavy on drums with Patrobas and Play01 dropping a verse each and Patrobas laying down the hook.

Baru uses a simple but interesting technique, slightly hushing the instrumental and making it a little more muffled as Play01 comes in after the chorus to wrap up the song with a short but lyrically potent verse delivered fluidly. The song just like the title is all about proclaiming their supreme status in the industry as rappers and producers.

Baru has taken the next step and released a video for this single, one which is quite simple but very synonymous with the message in the song and the overall concept. The video, which is entirely in monochrome, was shot atop a building in Bukoto.

The video also has some good camera work with a number of well-executed horizontal and vertical sweeping shots. It features appearances from Baru’s close collaborators including Pryce Teeba and Abaasa. There is also an additional use of digital text art and post-production effects which make the video more visually appealing.

The video concept does a good job in making the rappers come off as having “King status” seeing as they are captured at a high point with the suburban landscape a little bit beneath them in the background. Credit definitely goes to Fourth Wall Media for their contribution to this project.

In the past, Dustville and Dustville affiliated artists were lacking when it came to videos to complement their musical projects but the trend seems to have changed. Pryce Teeba, Abaasa and Patrobas have all dropped a video in the last few months and Baru has decided to go with this trend for his first solo project and it’s surely going to work in his favor.

Check out the video and make sure you share it.