Baru drops the “Young King” EP (Recap #SNMS No. 266)


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Baru is a music producer at the Ntinda-based Dustville Records who has slowly gained prominence over the last few years especially on the Ugandan Hip-Hop scene.

He is the producer behind the “ReDefinitions” project and songs such as Ruyonga’s “Ride”, Pryce Teeba’s 2015 Hip-Hop anthem “Side Zeno” and more recently, High Society Music’s “Asetulalumu” amongst many others. After putting in some hard work for a lot of artists, he decided to work on an EP of his own called “Young King” which he released 30th April.

Baru’s approach to “Young King”.

He joined us on the show last Saturday and we had a chance to listen to a couple of songs off the EP as he told us more about the whole project. The EP has 7 tracks lasting a total of 18 minutes and 44 seconds which makes it really easy to listen to.

The EP’s sound leans more towards Hip-Hop and R&B, fusing some African elements into it. It has a great deal of 808 drums, snare rolls, fast hi-hats, hypnotic soundscapes (synths and what not) with just a little electronic influence.

Young King comp front

It features artists such as Sitenda, Kevin Abuka, Abaasa, Ivory Namara, Dell Boy, Play01, Sanyu Sings, Love Child, Pryce Teeba and Patrobas, with production handled by Baru himself.

Baru broke down the thought process behind this EP, telling us how it is meant to tell his story thus far as a music producer, his experiences, struggles, achievements and so on. He tried to keep a “no rules” approach to the project, with many of the songs not having the exact typical chorus-verse-chorus structure and length that many of the other songs we usually listen to.

The EP is available as a free download but one can get an exclusive CD copy from the Dustville Studios so get it, listen and share it.

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