Bebe Cool releases his new single “Kabulengane”

Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool is surely keeping the fans busy this year. After putting out a couple of tracks that have now made his last album take a backseat including the recent “Ki Ekyiganye”, the Reggae/Dancehall star is back with some new music.

Yesterday, he released a new song called “Kabulengane”. Many Ugandan artists have been trying to fuse more African elements with their music and Bebe Cool isn’t letting this trend pass him by. The song, which has been classified as Bax-Ragga sounds almost entirely like a Luganda folk song.

Produced by Enox, it has a well-played Xylophone and maintains a Reggae/Dancehall structure with Bebe Cool singing most of the song in Luganda.

Bebe Cool on Kabulengane.

The song was written by Raffick and his contribution surely made a great impact. On this song, Bebe Cool talks mainly about the young girls of today that can’t seem to get enough of the parties and the nightlife scene.

More specifically, he talks about the trends amongst these girls that worry him for instance the fact that many of these girls walk around with fake bums and some have bleached their skins to the point where it is hard to recognize them.

Though he is addressing some fairly serious issues, Bebe Cool takes a light, humorous approach, talking about how he likes a girl with attitude and even goes as far as complimenting Winnie Munyenga on her eyes.

He even goes on to claim that some of the girls actually use diapers to create their fake bums and whether this was a metaphor or a diss or both, it makes for a good line. “Kabulengane” is a song you’ll most probably have fun listening to and will surely do well especially with the older more conservative crowd.

If Bebe Cool continues at this pace he just might have enough good music to package as an album for his fans by the end of the year. Check out the track and share it.