Bebe Cool releases the video for his single “Sente”

Bebe Cool is continuing his streak of 2016 singles with a new one titled “Sente”. Now for those of you who are staunch Bebe Cool fans, you might be saying “wait a minute. That’s not new. He already has an old song called Sente”. Well, he actually does but seeing as he seems to be experiencing a creative spurt, he decided to do another track also called “Sente” but with a different spin.

This new single is more along the lines of a slower Zouk-style song with articulate percussion especially from the xylophone, and a subtle dance vibe to it. On this one, Bebe Cool talks about how people should be less obsessed with money especially when it comes to love and relationships, going on to say that a relationship built on money is bound to fail sooner or later.

The video for this single is also out now and Bebe Cool definitely does a good job at maintaining the new standard he has set for himself when it comes to the quality of his videos. Directed by Sasha Vybz, the video takes on an old-school style set at a performance night where Bebe is joined by a band including a member playing an accordion as some cultural troupe-looking guys play the xylophone.

Bebe Cool

As expected with this concept, a good number of the people in the video have synthetic afros as part of their costumes. The video also scores well when it comes to incorporating lighting into the setup, having an assortment of Christmas-style lights hanging all-over the place. The storyline is synonymous with the lyrics, showing different scenarios where a poor man is outcompeted by a wealthy one as they vie for a woman’s love and attention with a tinge of humor.

I have to say though, I’m not so keen on the parts of the song where he is singing in French, maybe they’ll grow on me, maybe they won’t. Go check out the video and share it with a friend.