Bebe Cool releases his new song “Am Sorry”

Bebe Cool

It’s a new week and Bebe Cool has some new music for you. Last week, he dropped his Bax-Ragga song titled “Kabulengane” and this week, he goes in a different direction while trying to keep a resemblance in the sound with his new single “Am Sorry”.

Bebe Cool on “Am Sorry”.

Last week, he was being outspoken and taking shots at girls who bleach and wear fake body parts, but this week, he brings out his softer side. “Am Sorry” was written and produced by Isaac Morgan and on this song, Bebe Cool appears to be apologizing to a woman for having wronged her and promising to do better.

The song has a slow Dancehall vibe and Bebe Cool goes back and forth between English and Luganda as he sings over it. The indication is that he made this song for anyone who’s in a situation where they find it hard to say sorry to be able to convey the message to the aggrieved party in another way.

After hearing this song, it is now quite evident that Bebe Cool is actively trying to be more versatile, to explore and put out music in many different styles while keeping his fundamental Reggae/Dancehall style.

Bebe Cool has had a solid fan base for a very long time and much as for many longstanding artists, trying out a lot of different things that far into their careers can be quite risky, he seems to have a grip on things.

He also seems to be slowly tweaking his strategy. In recent year, many of the older well-established artists focused more on making one big hit or just about three major songs in a year and riding on their success to do as many live performances as possible.

His formula wasn’t that different for a while but he seems to be taking on a new one that is more common amongst the younger artists which involves releasing much more music over a shorter period of time.

All we can do for now is watch and see whether it all works in his favor so listen to the song and share it.