Bebe Cool releases the video for “Kabulengane”

The video for one of Bebe Cool’s latest singles, “Kabulengane” is out now and there is definitely a lot to see in this one. “Kabulengane” is a Bax-Ragga song that Bebe Cool recently released talking about the different kinds of party girls of today especially those that carry fake bums and bleach their skins.

The song’s traditional touch makes it quite easy on the ears and its chorus is quite catchy. The lyrics are laced with a good amount of humor and the video does no less in this aspect. Shot by Hanex Touch, the video partially creates a visualization of the lyrics as we see a woman with huge bum walking down the streets and leaving the men dazzled.

Bebe Cool’s “Kabulengane” video in detail.

And just like with the lyrics, as the woman goes to take a shower, her man who has just been marveling at her bum proceeds to go and peep only to realize that she had been wearing a fake one and leaves while protesting in disappointment.

A considerable portion of the video is set in the compound of a warehouse/storage facility and a number of other places. It features three different dance groups including a cultural troupe doing the Kiganda dance, an all-male freestyle group and another group of women in tight colorful pants bringing the dancehall flavor.

Towards the end, we get to see one of the best scenes that involves the ladies in the cultural troupe facing off with the women in the tight pants in a dance battle. One by one, the women from each side come to the center to give it their best so the question is, Kiganda or “Bubbling/Whining (and every other move the dancehall guys instruct the girls to do in their songs)”, which one is better?

You have to see this for yourself, even the editor had to slow it down so you can analyze properly. It’s nice to see that the native cultural influences did not stop at the audio so check out the video and share it. (Yes, the video is so good you barely notice Bebe Cool in his all blue attire).