Bebe Cool releases the video for “Ki Ekiganye”

Bebe Cool has done it again with the release of the video for one of his newer singles “Ki Ekiganye”. The Reggae/Dancehall veteran enjoyed a great deal of success with his 2015 album “Go Mama”. A lot of this is because of the huge effort he put into producing quality videos for the singles such as “Love You Everyday”, “Byebyo” and “Old Skool”.

He even went on to get nominated for some continental awards including the MAMAs (MTV Africa Music Awards). In spite being all the backlash he received for his political affiliations during the recent presidential campaign race, Bebe Cool, who is no stranger to controversy has continued releasing music.

Bebe Cool in “Ki Ekiganye”.

The African Gal video has been doing the rounds on TV as he releases new singles including the Dancehall/Kidandali hybrid “Ki Ekiganye”, a Luganda phrase whose literal meaning is “What has refused” but has gone on to become an urban slang used in greeting.

The song is a typical get-up-and-dance song that resembles some of his earlier club anthems but with more interesting lyrics, a more refined African sound and playful delivery, especially in the chorus. This is all courtesy of some writing work by Ice Melody and production by Dr. Pinan from Monster Studios.

The video, directed by Sasha Vybz, was released a couple of days ago and just like his recent ones, it’s one to be very proud of. It features him “living the lyrics”, hitting on some beautiful “It-Girls” who constantly repel his advances.

Utilizing an outdoor party setting, it is very rich in color, with some interesting shots of simple and nicely choreographed dancing, and Bebe Cool performing for a small crowd in the night. It also has some things that you only see in music videos such as someone pulling up to a BBQ in a gold Lamborghini.

With hot girls, fast cars and a party to top it off, it’s hard to go wrong. Check out the video and share it with the next person.