The Made In UG concert by Benezeri


Benezeri is one the rappers that one would consider part of the “new skool” of Ugandan Hip-Hop but his track record is more like that of an established long-standing rapper. With two albums out (“I’m Benezeri” and “Champion”), and over 10 singles released since 2013, he sees no reason to rest just yet.

Benezeri’s journey to “Made In UG”

Towards the end of 2014, Benezeri kicked off the campaign for his new album with the well-received single “Abeyo” following it up with “Togwamu Suubi”, “Ndiwabulijjo” and most recently “Give me Love” whose video is now out too. He has also worked on projects under the rap collective “Clansmen”, featuring on their single “Onjagazaki” and numerous collaborations with other artists.

Like in the past with the track Zuukuka that was complimented by a social awareness campaign and a call to help the needy, Benezeri also had another campaign complimenting one of his singles “Togwamu Suubi” that conveyed a message emphasizing perseverance/endurance in whatever you do in pursuit of your dreams.

He has also had his fair share of live performances since then including the “Tale of two cities” where he performed at two different venues on two consecutive days. Just like he did with his last album, Benezeri plans on having an album concert for his forthcoming album which he has titled “Made In UG”. The concert is to take place on Saturday May 14th in a black-tie event at UMA Showgrounds (Madhvani Hall) starting at 8PM.


Ordinary tickets will go for UGX20,000 while VIP tickets will go for UGX100,000 and they will be on sale soon. If you want to get a taste of what the next wave of Ugandan rappers are cooking, you should definitely attend this concert. For those who haven’t been keeping tabs on Benezeri for a while, you can check out some of his latest work by following the links on this page.