Benezeri – Ndi Wabulijjo Remix (Recap #SNMS No. 278)


Ndi Wabulijjo RMX – Benezeri, Santana Karma, Pryce Teeba & Reazy

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Benezeri Interview

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The ever hustling rapper Benezeri has decided to drop some post-album music in form of a remix. He recently had a fairly successful concert for his third studio album “Made in UG” and one of the singles that really did well during his campaign was “Ndi Wabulijjo” featuring the up-coming dancehall artist Reazy.

Last weekend, he swung by for the show and brought the remix for this song which I have to say adds some extra spice to the original idea. Benezeri told us that he came up with the idea for the original song as a dedication to his parents when they were celebrating their 25th anniversary in marriage.

He explained that his father had way less than his mother at the time when he was pursuing her but he managed to convince her to stick with him, and that in performing “Ndi Wabulijjo” which is Luganda for “I am ordinary”, he was trying channel the same message his dad was conveying to his mum way back.

The song was produced by Ledra and the remix was recorded at the Portbell Drive Studio with guest appearances from Santana Karma and Pryce Teeba. Pryce Teeba approaches it from a different angle, talking about how is not ordinary in the sense that he won’t put the girl through the kind of misery that the other poor non-ambitious guys subject her to.

Benezeri talks about how he’s trying to convince the girl not to be caught up in the glamorous stuff she sees on Instagram and to forego the pursuit of lavish treats and persevere with him in his current situation because he’s slowly making progress and he’ll be in a better position one day.

Santana as usual brings a humorous touch to the track talking about how he gave up on persuading women way back when Pryce was still in diapers, making references to Bebe Cool’s Tubonga Naawe efforts and talking about putting love on a weighing scale.

This remix definitely has potential to out-compete the original seeing as it has three different styles and angles of approaching one concept so download it and share it with the next person.