Benezeri: How his rap journey started


Starting with the month of August, we decided to have an artist of the month for each month and for September, that happens to be the constantly rising rapper Benezeri. Benezeri recently released the “Ndi Wabulijjo” remix after having put on a concert for his third album titled “Made in UG” but today we are going to take you back to the days when this journey started.


Having been born to two good writers, Benezeri started coming up with his own compositions by P.7 at Aga Khan Primary School, writing mainly dancehall music after being influenced by Sean Paul and Damian Marley.

S.1 came and he got his first major exposure to rap music listening to Tha Carter II album along with Kanye West, Rick Ross, T.I. and DJ Khaled’s posse cuts that were making the rounds at the time but it wasn’t until 2008 when that he decided he wanted to be a rapper.

In 2009, he had his first battle with a Nigerian boy at the school basketball court with just about the whole school watching and decimated him beginning with these bars; “Chi  Chi  Chinekewo/ I just found out that your mum is a ho*…” which sent the whole crowd into a frenzy and kept them screaming after each line.

Benezeri later left Aga Khan and ended up at St. Mary’s Kitende in 2010 where he did his first stage performance in front of over 4000 students but ended up choking while on stage. Never-the-less, he got the courage to perform again and also learnt how to relate with people from different demographics since the school’s population was very varied.

In 2011, he moved to Vienna College and as he wrote his first album “I’m Benezer”, he won the Sprite Battle and subsequently got favor from the headmaster in form of performances at just about every school function. Later on in 2012, he linked up with the producer JT of Yego and recorded his first single “Girls from Kampala”.

The single received mixed reactions with many considering it too simple and some media houses even rejecting it but it still got enough buzz for him to get a 3-page feature in the New Vision’s Swagg Section. At this point, his career had officially started.

Next Friday, we will take you through the next significant milestones such as his album releases and the story behind them. For now, go and prepare for that piece by checking out his music here.