Bobi Wine releases the visuals for his single “Aidah”

It would be inaccurate to say that the Ghetto President, H.E. Bobi Wine is back because I don’t think he had left the scene. After a couple of singles that weren’t as successful as those that were being put out by his peers, he shifted the focus to political and social issues and put out a couple of tracks that carried a message which resonated with the masses in light of the recent election period.

Recently, he released a new single called “Aidah”, a song that just might turn into a big hit. The production is handled by Sir Dan Magic who I must say did a fine job.

Just like with many of the songs being released in Uganda today, there’s a prominent African spin on this one with African drums/percussion and a well-played rhythm guitar melody that bears a resemblance to both old school Soukous music and South African pop.

Aside from its joyful vibe that makes it very suitable for dancing to, Bobi Wine goes on about an elusive girl called Aidah, professing his love for her and detailing his attempts to get in contact with her that have been in vain.

Nubian Li, a singer considered to be very talented by many but still getting way less recognition than he deserves does the chorus for this song with an obvious passion that brings out the emotions while still making it very catchy.

Bobi Wine in the “Aidah” video.

The video for this song is out now and the director, Kim XP definitely brought his A game on this one. About a half of the shots are situated in a typical suburban market place as Bobi Wine follows a fairly pretty dark-skinned girl in an exquisite dress down the road as she checks out different clothes from the shops.

Bobi Wine is seemingly trying to persuade the girl to have a chat with him but she remains uninterested while often stopping and blushing in amusement, and putting on a variety of glowing facial expressions. She momentarily stops and joins him a dance move and then goes right back to rebuffing his advances.

Nubian Li delivers his chorus while looking flamboyant in a floral print suit with a white V-Neck undershirt while seated on a bench under an umbrella having his shoes cleaned.

The other half of the shots are done on a rooftop at night with some lights and smoke and this is where things get even more interesting. Bobi, looking dapper in a checkered suit with a double-breasted blazer joins the girl in a simple dance and the two deliver with undeniable chemistry.

Nubian Li continues to sing the chorus in bright green suit and they are all joined by a couple of male dancers in colorful but elegant wear with suspenders/braces doing a humorous version of the dances that the Congolese do on Soukous music.

They top it all off with a dance in the rain and I have to say that this is by far one of my best videos this year mainly because the people in it look like they are genuinely having fun and they exude a great energy, not forgetting the colors, clothes and the fact that they aren’t hell-bent on using fancy locations.

Bobi Wine has very frequently managed to make that crossover song that appeals to people from as many different social classes as we have here without it being even slightly off-putting to any group or coming off as trying to hard to be “cool”/chasing the urban trends prevailing amongst the youth and this song and video are a good example.

Check out the video and share it as much as you can.