Brooks & MMP – Hiphop Kijjulo (Recap #SNMS No. 274)


Hiphop Kijjulo – Brooks & MMP
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Brooks Interview
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Brooks Aftermathematics is one of the Ugandan rappers under 25 that have been slept on for a while. As Hiphop keeps on taking different directions both on and off the African continent, many rappers seem to be sticking to the sound that is trending in mainstream Hiphop but not him.

Inspired and influenced by rappers like Nas, The Notorious B.I.G., Method Man and The Wu-Tang Clan, he makes Hiphop that bears a strong resemblance to the common traditional sound and overall style in a lot of old school Hiphop songs.

He visited us on the show last weekend and premiered his new single titled “Hiphop Kijjulo” which is a good example of the kind of music mentioned above. The track’s sound is a result of the work of a producer called Ernesto.

Brooks & MMP on “Hiphop Kijjulo”.

On this track, he teams up with a Lugaflow prodigy called MMP and just like the word “Kijjulo” which is Luganda for “a serving”, the two rappers deliver excellently with some clever rhyming and wordplay in their bars which the lay on the beat in an authoritative manner.

Brooks takes the first verse, MMP goes in on the second and the two share the third with MMP doing the chorus. In an era where many songs sound so similar, it is always refreshing when you hear something different, and more so if it has that throwback sound that brings out the nostalgia.

During the interview, he told us that he has a couple of other tracks already out and that he frequently works with MMP. He also said that he is currently sitting on about 10 tracks which he plans to release one at a time over the next few months.

If you are a staunch Hiphop fan who is drawn to that old school traditional Hiphop, you’ll most likely enjoy this track so download it and share it as much as you can.