Canaan Gents & an ATCQ tribute [Recap #SNMS No. 261]

canaan gents

Canaan Gents Interview

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Phife Dawg Tribute
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Last Saturday on SNMS, the Canaan Gents paid us a visit at the Radiocity studios.

If you haven’t yet heard their latest song titled “He Lives”, you can get it right here.

Canaan Gents interview and a tribute to Phife Dawg

Plus, as a tribute to Phife Dawg, the legendary member of the legendary A Tribe Called Quest, who passed on last week, we did a special mix of a couple of the groups best tracks.

So if you are as serious a hip-Hop fan as we are, or if you want to learn more about what Hip-Hop was like back in the day, download the mix and share it with your friends.

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