Ceaserous drops the video for “Nice and Good”

The dancehall scene is getting more and more competitive and that is partly because of newcomers like Ceaserous. The fast-rising artist made a statement with an earlier release titled “Into You” that did really well and after a couple of other efforts, he put out a single called “Nice and Good”.

“Nice and Good” is a slow dancehall song on which Ceaserous goes on to describe a girl he likes who happens to be a bit of a party girl. He does so in both English and Luganda with an impressive vocal performance.

Ceaserous in the “Nice and Good” video.

The video for this song is out now and I have to say, it really takes the experience of listening to this song to a whole new level. With the directing done by Jim Resley, the video flaunts good camera work that is evident in the angles, movements and extra techniques applied during the shoot.



When you hear about a dancehall video, your mind is likely to picture the club, or some other kind of scene where the place, say an abandoned building or a backyard has been turned into a nightclub or party venue of sorts. This is not the case with the “Nice and Good” video.

The director instead went with an unusual choice, a golf course. Ceaserous can be seen in the video delivering his lines while moving in an interesting manner that is a blend of walking, jumping and dancing. Yes, it’s hard to describe, you just have to see it for yourself.

The video also features a couple of other skilled and vigorous dancers, with some in typical golf attire which creates an interesting contrast seeing as what usually goes on at a golf course is of a more gentle and quiet nature.



Ceaserous definitely struck gold with this one as it is one of those videos that profit off of stepping outside the norm.

It’s a very good song, with a very good video, which is not so common in young dancehall artists and it is surely going to do a lot for him. Go watch the video and share it with a friend.