Ceaserous releases his new single titled “Dangerous”


Dangerous – Ceaserous

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If you keenly listen to my mixes, you must have figured out that I have an attachment to Ugandan dancehall music. So when a dancehall artist like Ceaserous releases a sizzling hot track, be sure to get it here. With tracks like “Falling in Love”, “Into You”, “Nice and Good” and his latest “Dangerous”, Ceasarous is leaving dancehall fans yearning for more and he is definitely here to stay.

About Ceaserous’ Dangerous.


Like the title, this track is really dangerous and I can firmly and proudly say that this song is going to be a big club banger! The song was written by Ceaserous and produced by Levi for Fenon records. When you listen keenly to the instrumental, you will realize that a lot of instruments were used but what I found most intriguing was the guitar.

The guitar gives this song yet another feel that connects with your musical soul. It’s the type of song that will play and you don’t know whether to stand up and dance or close your eyes and just get blown away by the lyrics.

I don’t know whether Ceaserous went to Jamaica to learn the patois or whether he just emulates it because the way he combines Patois with Luganda makes his music even more interesting to listen to. The lyrics basically rotate around him wooing a girl and actually the part any man can sing to his woman is when he says, “all eyes pon your body, figure yo muliro obakubanyo, coz the way you whine up your body, ehh you’re so dangerous”.

Ceaserous is consistently making an effort to release songs that are significantly distinct so to put a little twist to the experience, check out this dance video that was tailored specifically to the song and be ready to get some “eargasms”.

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