Chief releases a new single titled “Two-111”


Two-111 – Chief

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A lot has been going on since the group Clansmen emerged on the scene earlier this year and one of their current members, Chief is keeping the fire burning. The rapper has a new single titled “Two-111” pronounced “twenty three” just a few days after the release of a diss-track called “Sharapova” aimed at former Clansmen member Benezeri.


With an instrumental largely made up of 808 drums and trumpets (a sound that Chief has shown an ability perform well with before on the track “Mukiga w’amani”) courtesy of production from Ledra, Chief talks about how he is doing well relative to his age and even touches briefly on some of the opinions about his extreme approach on “Sharapova”, saying he doesn’t really care.

During a brief chat with him over the phone, he said that this is supposed to show that he can continue to thrive amidst all the negative energy from the Clansmen-Benezeri beef and that he can actually make good music that isn’t about dissing. He also informed me that come Wednesday, he will be dropping a track called “Mpaako” (luganda for “Give me some”) featuring fellow Clansmen rapper KSL.

He made it clearly that he is not going to be resting any time soon and that after this release, he has a couple of more tracks to give to the fans, saying he’ll most probably follow that one up with a song called “Mama said” after which he will drop something for the dance-floor called “Muliro (She’s on fire)”.

The year is almost coming to an end and we are eager to see each Clansmen follow through on the things they talked about in regard to their respective personal careers during the premiere of “Onjagazaki”. If you like highly energetic Hip-Hop that makes you get off your seat and start moving around erratically, make sure you download this song and share it.