Da Vein – Indumubi (Recap #SNMS No. 268)


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The Ugandan Hip-Hop scene has seen a rise in the number of female rappers putting out music and last week on the show, we were joined by another one called Da Vein who premiered a new single titled “Indumubi”.

A closer look at Indumubi.

“Indumubi”, as we came to learn, is a word in Lumasaba that means “I’m bad”. The song which bears a sound similar to some much earlier trap songs was produced by Nase. On this track, Da Vein raps entirely in Lumasaba with some interesting and abrupt switches in her delivery.

We got to find out from her that “Indumubi” is all about her acknowledging that she has been through hard times and they are a big part of what made her who she is today. The song therefore serves as a statement about her prowess as a rapper and also as a source of inspiration.

She also shared with us about the hardships of trying to do music without a manager, a promoter and other supporting staff. Aside from the music, Da Vein also happens to be a professional volleyball and a counselor who occasionally works with TASO in Tororo district, giving assistance on matters regarding HIV/AIDS.

During the interview, she mentioned her participation in the most recent Hip-Hop Boot Camp, the 3rd annual one organized by Youth and Hip-Hop Uganda. She told us about her desire to promote culture and how it was re-enforced by her experience meeting youth from all over the country rapping in their respective indigenous languages.

In regard to what she has lined up next, Da Vein told us that she is working on a collaboration with Shemy B and 207 titled “Police” that will be dropping soon. For now, check out her track and share it with the next person.