Dagg Mizzo – Right Away (Recap #SNMS No. 285)

Dagg Mizzo

Right Away – Dagg Mizzo

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Dagg Mizzo Interview

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The Ugandan Gospel music scene is buzzing with a lot of talent and the rapper Dagg Mizzo is definitely one of those bringing heat on the Hip-Hop side of things. He joined us on the show last weekend to premiere his new single “Right Away” and tell us more about his story.

“Right Away” is a “feel good song” as described by Dagg Mizzo on which he talks about doing the things that you love and that are important to you as soon as you can. The song has strong 808 drums, a thick and fairly hypnotic string bass track and some complementary synths and organ sounds that give it the “church-feel” on top of its swingy nature.

The single is off his forthcoming project, a mix-tape that is to drop next year as his second one, with his first having been “My Evolution K’la”. He also has plans to release a video for one of the standout singles on his first mixtape, a song titled “Rubaga Live”.

Dagg Mizzo also doubles as a music producer and actually produced just about every song on his first mix-tape. He also says that part of his mission is “to make Jesus famous” and he started identifying as a Christian rapper around 2014, going on to join the Hidden Empire a few months ago.

He told us that “Right Away” is probably going to be his last single this year since he has already released a full project and that he’s going to keep on releasing mix-tapes until he feels he’s ready for an album. He did however say that he has been collaborating with other Hidden Empire artists and we will most probably hear him on someone else’s work soon.

Whether you’re a devout Christian or not, Dagg Mizzo’s ability to rap and make good music is undoubtable so go check out his music here and share it widely.