Davis Ntare releases the “Kyange Naawe” video

Davis Ntare is one of those guys that are vocally gifted. I personally started listening to him when he was part of a live band (which he still is by the way). I actually expected him to release a couple of songs late last year but all was in vain.

Nevertheless, he has finally released the video of his latest single “Kyange Naawe”. This song has a blend of both English and Luganda which makes me like it even more. Being more inclined towards live band than studio, this song has a mixture of a lot of instruments like the flutes, guitar, keyboard, local drums etc. which makes it more interesting.

Davis Ntare in the “Kyange Naawe” video.

The video was shot and directed by Vince – Drey Creation. It has only two characters, Davis and a beautiful lady that he was supposedly singing about. It was shot in one room but they kept on changing the background from black to white and red.

Davis’ clothes also changed according to the background that was placed behind him. Picture quality in the video is extremely high and I am certain that this video must have been a costly one. Sitting on a bed whilst holding a glass of wine, Davis seductively talks to the beautiful lady, telling her that they have the whole night and so she should not rush anything.

This part of the video brings out the actual message in the song. The tempo of the song increases towards the end into the local Kiganda drums. David skillfully dances the Kiganda dance, which I didn’t expect him to know given that he is not a Muganda.

All-in-all, this is a beautiful video and I believe it can make it to MTV! On a scale of 10, I give it 8. You should share it with a friend because a video that is as beautiful as this is worth sharing.

Written by DJ Slaughter Elly.