DJ Roja and Slick Stuart nominated for an NEA award

Slick Stuart

Uganda’s first DJ duo, DJ Roja and DJ Slick Stuart were nominated in the Nigerian Entertainment Awards (NEA) in the category of African Disc Jockey (Non-Nigerian). When I received the news of their nomination, I was very delighted not only because these two are my longtime friends but also because these guys have hustled their way to the top.

Slick Stuart

I don’t think they even have any day off during the week. Slick Stuart and Roja play at top notch bars in Kampala (Laftaz, Cayenne, Diners, e.t.c), and they also play on radio and TV. These platforms plus their annual mixtape party have really played a great role in the exposure both in and out of Uganda.

What does DJ Roja and DJ Slick Stuart’s nomination mean to the Uganda Entertainment Industry? This means that Uganda is getting the recognition that we have always craved for. Everyone around the world that is following these awards will start digging deep to find out what more there is in Uganda.

They will start looking keenly to all the Ugandan music produced, Ugandan videos, more DJs in Uganda, e.t.c. I strongly believe that next time if any awards out of Uganda come up, we will get nominations in various categories.

Let’s pick a leaf from the Nigerians and join up as artists, DJs, music promoters, producers, video directors etc. and vote because at the end of the day, when the duo brings this award back home, they will get more popular but everyone will know they are from Uganda and to me that is as equally as important as winning the award.

Cast your vote for these guys here . You can only vote once a day so spare just three minutes of your time and vote. For any more congratulatory messages you may have, tweet them @djslickstuart and @rojadj.

Written by DJ Slaughter Elly.