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A Pass vs Nutty Neithan – DJ Slaughter Elly

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We’ve had a number of debates when it comes to Dancehall seeing as one of the most competitive genres to be in when it comes to the Ugandan music scene and we’ve even had DJ Slaughter Elly do a mix or two that are in a way related to this genre.

After a very long period of Reggae and Dancehall being dominated by the much older and longstanding artistes such as Peter Miles, Bebe Cool, Chameleone & Bobi Wine, we have witnessed an influx of new artists in these categories in the last five years or so.

Amongst the biggest names in this new wave currently, there are two artist namely; A Pass and Nutty Neithan. With their music being quite distinct style-wise and their release strategies being different too, the two artists have gone on to dominate the genre and their names are on many people’s lips even as we speak.

DJ Slaughter Elly picks a side.

A Pass releases music faster than the fans can consume it and recently released his debut album titled “Nva Kampala” while Nutty Neithan hasn’t left the airwaves and club DJ sets for nearly two years now. There has been a growing debate over who of the two is better and last weekend, DJ Slaughter Elly (who by the way thinks Nutty Neithan is better) decided to do an A Pass vs Nutty Neithan mix.

In this roughly one hour mix, you’ll get to hear some of the best songs from both artists side by side and a lot more of their music that you probably didn’t know. One thing that is undeniable is the fact that both artists have a bevy of Dancehall anthems some of which didn’t even make the cut.

Even though Nutty Neithan seemed to have lagged behind A Pass for a while during their come-up, the two are both good enough to be put in the same bracket so listen to the mix and judge for yourself. And don’t be so quick with it, your opinion on who is better might change multiple times throughout the mix.

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Turn your lights down low – Nutty Neithan

Give me a kiss – A Pass

Rastas and Jews – Nutty Neithan

Love Infection – Apass

Lwaki Tonsasira – Nutty Neithan

Babylon Bwoy – A Pass

Wuuyo – A Pass

Body to Body – Nutty Neithan

Binkubye – Nutty Neithan

Nva Kampala – A Pass

Jook Gyal – Nutty Neithan

Tutuuka Di -A Pass

Sibula (lean on cover) – Nutty Neithan

Tetubatya – A Pass

Gyal I wanna make you mine – Nutty Neithan

Mutuwulira – A Pass

Emyaala – Nutty Neithan

Nyenya Omugongo – A Pass

Ondaba – Nutty Neithan

Gamululu (Remix) -A Pass ft Konshens

Walk to Work – Nutty Neithan

Memories – Apass & Lilian

Kyamisana Kyagulo – Nutty Neithan

Muliwa, We deya -A Pass

Ragaholikee – Nutty Neithan

Yah Man – A Pass

Bayaaya – Nutty Neithan

Bartender – A Pass

Am Lovin – A Pass

Don’t you want me – A Pass

Whine on time – A Pass

Tabuka – Nutty Neithan ft Eddywizzy