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DJ Slaughter Elly is at it again. It is public knowledge that Ugandans love to party, the kind of partying where you dance until morning.  Some of the most dominant genres on the Ugandan nightlife scene are Reggae and Dancehall without a doubt. Our neighbors in Kenya also have a strong Reggae/Dancehall culture and for years, both countries have put out a bevy of dancehall anthems/hits with some being collaborations by artists from both sides.

With Uganda having artists like Peter Miles, Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, A Pass, Rabadaba amongst many others, and Kenya having Redsan, E-Sir, Mr. Googz, Mr. Lenny, Madtraxx, Nameless to mention but a few, East Africa has had its fair share of fire when it comes to Dancehall.

This eventually raised a couple of questions. Who are the kings of Dancehall in Uganda and Kenya? The answer to this, Peter Miles for Uganda and Redsan for Kenya. After that, we couldn’t help but wonder, “Who of the two artists has put out better Dancehall tracks over the years? Did one of the two just copy a style that was originally developed by the other?”

DJ Slaughter Elly’s take.

As usual, we had to answer these questions the best way we can as DJs. DJ Slaughter Elly, who by the way believes that Redsan is better than Peter Miles did a one hour mix on the show last Saturday containing some of the best Dancehall tracks done by the two artists to back his opinion.

We hope that by the time you are done listening to this mix, all the questions above have been answered clearly. Remember, it’s never too late to have your say so let us know who you think is better in the comments section or tweet us your opinion. Check out the mix, download it and don’t forget to share it with a friend.


Calling out – Redsan

Nice and Polite – Peter Miles

Chicken – Redsan

Tonight – Peter Miles & Mr Chicken

Yule Pale – Redsan

Leya – Peter Miles

Nakutaka – Redsan

Muwala – Peter Miles

Imagine – Peter Miles

I hate you – Redsan

Frontline – Peter Miles

Shoulder back – Redsan

Nyinimu – Peter Miles

Step on it -Redsan

Nkusaleko – Peter Miles & Menshan

Raha – Redsan Blessings – Peter Miles ft Demarco

Badder than Most – Redsan Ft Demarco

Leo ni leo – Redsan

Chini – Peter Miles & Menshan

Julie -Redsan

He ha – Peter Miles & Menshan

Energy – Redsan

Tanfako – Peter Miles & Menshan

Ooh Ahh – Peter Miles ft. General Levy

Hypnotized – Redsan

One time – Peter Miles & Menshan

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