DJ Slaughter Elly’s take on requests in bars

Slaughter Elly

As DJ Slaughter Elly, I believe the beginning of the night is the DJ’s time. When the bar is full later on at around 2/3AM, you can start making requests. When it gets played, dance to it, enjoy it.

Slaughter Elly elaborates.

The topic of DJs accepting/trashing requests has been making the rounds since last week when DJ Jazzy Jeff wrote on his Facebook page; “When you go out to a show or to a club..stop thinking that you can tell the DJ what you want to hear. STOP putting your bright ass phones in the DJs face with YOUR song request. You wake up to YOUR song, you listen to it eating breakfast… on your way to work, at work… only to come in and ask the DJ to play YOUR song?”

Many DJs agreed while others like DJ Alberto said customers are the reason the entertainment business thrives. While in a chat with DJ Bush Baby, he also said, “clients are the reason you exist, so pay attention to them. A negative attitude dents your brand. Just listen and give them what they want. It’s that simple”.

On #SNMS, Mister Deejay actually flashes people who request for songs down the toilet. Come requesting a song during Aludah’s set and you will regret it. The way some people request for songs is also very over whelming. A guy can slide you a ka 5K and he keeps requesting for songs for the whole night.

As a DJ, you should learn to explain to customer that a song like “Tuli Kubigere” of BPM 95 (i.e. quite slow) wouldn’t go well with a request like “Godwin” whose BPM 130 (i.e. much faster) and therefore he/she should be patient. As DJ Slaughter Elly, my word to all DJs is, stick to your style. Don’t just take request any how especially in the early hours of the night because it distorts your set.

Unless you’re at a private party like a Kwanjula where the requests are really needed, don’t just take them. But if more than 10 people come requesting for different songs, you should check yourself because you might be the problem.