Elani drops the “My Darling” video with Chameleone

For those of you that know Elani, it’s probably from their highly successful single titled “Kookoo” from 2014. It was that song that you put on replay, and then put it down only to eventually pick it back up. Elani is a Kenyan pop group from Nairobi with three members; Wambui Ngugi, Maureen Kunga and Brian Chweya.

The group has one album out called “Barua ya Dunia” with singles like “Milele”, “Hapo Zamani” and “Mahindi”. Their musical styles encompass R&B, Neo-Soul and Afropop. The group recently collaborated with Uganda’s very own Jose Chameleone on a track called “My Darling”.

Elani on “My Darling”.

“My Darling” is an up-tempo, Afrobeat styled song with lyrics through which the artists proclaim their love for their partners. It is laced with an infectious guitar melody that is guaranteed to make you dance courtesy of production from Saint P.

The song talks about love in three different languages; English, Kiswahili and Luganda with the artists transitioning from one language to the other seamlessly.


The song which is steadily gaining ground in both Uganda and Kenya now has a video out. The video’s storyline follows a couple that looks to be madly in love, always out on lunches and picnics. The story for some untold reason takes a tragic twist at the end.

The video which was shot and directed by Sync Media makes great use of shots that throw emphasis on the majestic interior and exterior architectural designs of a number of urban buildings. Unlike the growing trend especially in some of the new Hip-Hop music videos where it’s all about parading cars and naked girls, in this one, the people look like they are actually having fun.

Uganda and Kenya have a long history of collaborations that cuts across different genres and this song just might be one of those that will go on to stand out. Check out the video and tell a friend about it.