The 2016 End of the Weak Uganda finals are on

End of the Weak

There aren’t so many consistently recurring Hiphop events in Uganda but one of the few that really stand out is the End of the Weak MC challenge. This challenge is actually more of a tournament than a single event. Since 2009, they’ve been holding nationwide MC competitions and this year is no different.

This year’s competitions have reached the final stage. On the 16th of July in the National Theatre auditorium, the regional champions will be facing off for the number one spot that gives the winner representative status at this year’s End of the Weak world finals.

The competition tests MCs on a number of different qualities such as Beat Juggling, Writtens, Acapellas, Cyphers and one of the most tricky categories, the Freestyle Grab Bag.

End of the Weak

I’ve had conversations with one of the main heads on the organizing team, the rapper St. Nelly Sade and he makes it clear that there are many intense moments such as picking random stuff out of a bag and free-styling about them, that would definitely expose the fakes.

I’ve also gotten to hang with some of the MCs involved, especially during my earlier years DJing at Hiphop events at National Theatre and in other nightclubs and I can confidently say that whether it’s on or off the mic, a lot of these guys aren’t to be messed with lyrically.

This competition has the culture of MC battles at its core and has done an excellent job in keeping that culture alive so come 16th of July, attend the event and find out who is Uganda’s best battle MC in 2016. Tickets are available at the National Theatre at the moment for just UGX10,000 only.

The event will be hosted by Cyno MC and Foever, and graced by prominent rappers such as Navio, Sylvester & Abramz, St. Nelly Sade, Keko, Enygma and Pryce Teeba amongst a number of other talented acts.

For a taste of what it’s all about, check out for episodes of both recent and older competitions from around the world.