Fasie ft. Pryce – Tugende Maaso (Recap #SNMS No. 273)


Tugende Maaso – Fasie ft. Pryce Teeba

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Fasie & Pryce Teeba Interview

Download Fasie & Pryce Teeba Interview

Fasie is one of the more formidable female rappers on the Ugandan Hiphop scene, especially when it comes to Lugaflow and after a brief hiatus in releasing music since her appearance on the Femcee cypher, she’s back in the kitchen.

Teaming up with a fellow Lugaflow counterpart, the more outspoken and assertive Pryce Teeba from Dustville Records, the two recently remixed E-40’s “Choices”, coming out with a track called “Tugende Maaso” which they released on the show last weekend.

“Tugende Maaso”, a track that pushes a message about focusing on your goals is packed with some heavy 808s and the two approach it in a unique and interesting way.

Fasie & Pryce Teeba on “Tugende Maaso”.

Each rapper’s verse comes off as a conversation with an adlib voice. The rappers ask questions in succession with one being answered by the adlib voice with a positive, and the following one with a negative. The two do so throughout their verses, with each bar demanding as much attention as the next while still managing to make their verses sound cohesive.

They also talked to us about the projects they are working on and what will be coming out later on this year. Fasie says she will be confirming video plans for this new track in a week’s time and also plans to release her debut album at the end of July, with only about two songs still awaiting completion.

Pryce Teeba seems to be quite busy too as he has been working on a couple of singles with Abaasa in addition to the mixtape with P.I.F., an album that drops next year, collaborations with a number of artists including Mickey SoLow & Benezeri.

The two weighed in on the current state of Hiphop in Uganda with Fasie saying that it is steadily penetrating the suburbs and will soon be reaching the rural areas and Pryce stating that there’s a lot of new young talent putting out a considerable amount of music and setting a new standard for everyone in the game.

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