Flex D’Paper releases the video for “Victory”

Flex D’Paper continues his run this year with a throwback move. The fast-rising rapper has been putting out new music, most recently the single “Day Ones” with Navio and Martha Smallz but he has decided to re-visit an older song with a new video for it.

A while back, he released a song called “Victory” with Ruyonga, Levixone and Andy Muzic. The song which was produced by TheWeezy is a motivational song of sorts with Levixone singing on the chorus about having a dream and intending to chase it until it’s achieved.

Flex D'Paper

The artists also talk about how God has been merciful to them and helped them succeed in their efforts. Flex D’Paper has finally released a video for this song and it has a few bits that stand out. Teaming up with Real Kut Films and Skillz Majik, the video is set in a small land clearing/dry field near some residential structures in a suburban area.

The video contains some interesting scenes including a bunch of guys doing stunts on the average motorcycles used by Boda Boda guys. It also makes use of numerous cut aways lined up at the end of a standout line in the artist’s verse and related to the subject to give more emphasis to the line.

According to Flex D’Paper, he intends to put in more work and this video is the first of three to be released in the next few months. Earlier on, he shared with us about working towards releasing the long-delayed “Kampala Boy” album this year and from the look of things, this is very likely to happen.

The video also fronts the tag “Katonda Is Involved” which means God is involved, which he has been using for a few months now as part of his 2016 music campaign. Check out the video, share it and follow the tag for any new work from him.