Glen Fame: Uganda’s next Reggae star

Glen Fame

If you’re to talk about the next generation of Reggae music in Uganda, one of the names that has to make it into that conversation is Glen Fame. Many of you have probably heard him on a song before but probably don’t know that it was him.

Signed to 100 Acres Entertainment, Glen Fame has performed on tracks such as Santana’s “Ebivude Mu Kulonda”, “Oyogera Bubi” and Benezeri’s 2015 hit “Abeyo”. Catalogues aside, what really sets Glen Fame apart from most of the other artists is his particular style.

With the exception of a few of the choruses he has appeared on, Glen Fame’s performances are not heavily hinged on the use of elaborate phrases in Jamaican Patois. Furthermore, even as many Ugandan Reggae artists lean towards a softer approach when singing on Reggae songs, Glen Fame’s isn’t your typical moderately high-pitched voice.

He croons this way but with an occasional hint of hoarseness and a conscious attempt to harmonize with the notes in the music he is singing too, often performing his own backup vocals. He simply sounds like he came out of a choir. It is no surprise that he doubles as an audio producer, using this skill to produce his own music. He also possesses an ability to switch very easily between English and Luganda when singing.

Glen Fame is also heavily inclined to live performances seeing as he performs with Ohms Band every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at Atlantic Dove, Bwebajja and in Entebbe respectively. He has also worked on a project called “Obala Kaki” with M.I.C. and the two are currently working on another one called “Rise Up”.

One of his most outstanding solo efforts is the track “Wasibye Otya” which is Luganda for “how was your day”, a song addressed to women in a bid to acknowledge and show appreciation for the day-to-day work they do to keep the family flourishing as a unit as the man is out looking for bread.

Check out his works and share widely.

Additional information from DJ Slaughter Elly.