Herman Basudde lives on through “Bus Dunia”

Herman Basudde

You’re probably wondering who Herman Basudde is? Have you ever asked yourself what music was like in Uganda (way) back in the day? Before all the sleek computers and mobile phones. If you don’t know what was going on, here is a little bit about the late 80s and early 90s period. First things first, people still made music, and it was just as good as some of the music of today or even better.

One of the types of music that was popular, and still is today was Kadongo Kamu. If you’re Ugandan, you’ve probably heard this term before and for those that don’t know what it is, it is a genre or style of music that blends Country and Folk with the singing commonly done over music from one dry acoustic guitar.

Herman Basudde on Bus Dunia.

Herman Basudde was without a doubt one of the biggest artists that ever did Kadongo Kamu music. One of his most acclaimed and popular songs is called “Bus Dunia”. On this song, he talked about his experiences using buses for transportation in a manner so elaborate you can’t help but wonder whether it’s all a metaphor for something else.

He managed to remain so descriptive while telling the story, a skill that Kadongo Kamu artists have excelled at over the years, which is one of the things that make this song very interesting. The music is simple throughout the song, not employing too many unnecessary instruments hence leaving as much focus on the story as possible.

After listening to this song, you’ll definitely appreciate how skillful the Kadongo Kamu artists were at packaging and conveying a certain message in their songs and why the late Herman Basudde is probably one of the best that ever did it in this genre.

If you are young and want to know more about the history/evolution of Ugandan music and eventually be able to “show off” or if you are one of the old ones and you want to reminisce, “Bus Dunia” is a must-listen for you. Make yourself a cup of tea though, this is one long song. As usual, don’t just sit on the gem, share it with a friend.


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