High Society Music’s Dorm Room Inspiration

High Society

A couple of weeks back, we hosted a rap group called High Society Music on the show to premiere their new single “Asetulalumu” that features Benezeri. Formerly known as Retarded Entertainment, the group’s members are Mainest, 8th Wonder 256, Larry and Humphrey.

High Society Music’s mixtape.

After a long period of rapping to random instrumentals that began as far back as 2012 when they were in Form 2, these four rappers who are now done with high school and are in their holidays decided to hit the studio and work on a full project.

The group has been recording a number of songs for their forthcoming mixtape called “Dorm Room Inspiration” and they will be holding a release party for it on the 19th of May at JazzVille in Bugolobi starting at 6PM. Ordinary tickets will be going for UGX 10,000 while a table will go for UGX 150,000.

High Society

Before the release of “Asetulalumu”, the track had a single out titled “T.G.I.F.”. “T.G.I.F.” is a song that addresses the whole cycle of waiting on your paycheck and then going out to party when it finally arrives.

As part of the campaign towards the event, the group will be releasing a remix of “T.G.I.F.” on Friday 13th May. The remix features Benezeri and Mal-X with the instrumental tweaked a little bit. The remix also has some new verses from Mainest and 8th Wonder 256.

High Society Music is definitely going to make it to the list of the youngest Ugandan rappers to hold a mixtape release party and this goes to show how much Hip-Hop as a genre has grown in Uganda in the recent years.

Having listened to an exclusive of the T.G.I.F. remix, I have to say, be on the lookout for it. Make sure you get yourself a ticket to the show and tell a friend too.