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High Society Music is a rap group that consists of Mainest, Larry, Humphrey and 8th Wonder 256. The year was 2012, the place, a dormitory at St. Mary’s College Kisubi. Armed with a flash disk containing about 200 instrumentals, they started playing them on the dormitory stereo system and rapping over them to make songs.

High Society Music in detail.

4 years later, they are in their S.6 vacation and much as they warm up for university to take on programs like Architecture, Quantitative Surveying, Mass Communication and Business, they aren’t sleeping at all. Having dropped the single T.G.I.F. a while ago, they are back with a new single called “Asetulalumu” which features Benezeri. They came by for the show last Saturday to officially premiere the track and tell us more about themselves.

As the group elaborated, Asetulalumu is a track about the kind of guy who excels at whatever he is down for, be it making music, partying or anything in between. The production was handled by Drift with some extra contribution from Baru Beatz and bears some dynamic percussion with an opulent orchestral touch.

Apparently, they started out as Retarded Music but later dropped the name and decided to go with High Society Music. We also learnt that they have a remix for their previous single T.G.I.F. coming out at the end of this week and it features Tucker HD and Mal-X. The group also has a mixtape on the way called “Dorm Room Inspiration” and they will be holding a release party for it on 20th May.

We don’t get to hear a lot of new music from different Ugandan rap groups regularly so you should definitely savor this one. Check out a portion of their interview, download the track and make sure you share it.

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