iLLAMADi releases the video for “Simple Life”

The London-based Ugandan rapper iLLAMADi has finally brought a visual side to his “Simple Life” single. A while ago, we told you about a single of his called “Sokx N Slides” and much as I really liked it, I was a little bit gloomy seeing as it seemed like the “Simple Life” single which had a lot of potential had taken a back seat before fully realizing it.

It turns out I was wrong since iLLAMADi has dropped the video for “Simple Life”. With the production handled by D. Harmony, iLLAMADi solicits the help of a formidable vocalist called Elyon for the chorus, giving the slow Hip-Hop song a laidback breezy element.

iLLAMADi synchronizes with the swing in the drums and goes on to rap about how even with all the hard work and subsequent achievements, one of his major desires is to live a simple life, using the image of life in the rural countryside with a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and the distractions brought about by technology as an example.

The video for this song which was directed by Aron is pre-dominantly set in the rural Ugandan landscapes, with some breath-taking scenery that includes large rocks, green plains and a calm lake. iLLAMADi gives some contrast, moving through a homestead on a hoverboard and then riding down a village road on a bicycle.

As usual, iLLAMADi sprinkles a little humor into the video at the end as he tries to control a cow that is grazing, an attempt that ends in a totally different way from what he was trying to achieve. Now that this video is out, I hope he’ll make an effort to shed more light on some of the other tracks on this CD single but for now, check it out and make sure you share it.