Inside the Femme Electronic project

Every once in a while, a unique music project that leans towards educating and equipping those interested with the skills to participate in music industry activities in different capacities surfaces and today the spotlight is on the MINT’s Femme Electronic.

Femme Electronic is a program geared towards supporting women in Electronic music through many different ways that include DJ workshops. They have also put an emphasis on taking the participants through the history of House music as part of the learning process and have managed to attract a good number of Ugandan women to participate.

This project is spearheaded by Ena Lind, the founder of MINT and our very own DJ Rachael who is a coordinator for Femme Electronic, with support from Goethe-Zentrum Kampala. Having been at Bayimba International Festival 2014, I got the chance to bear witness to the power of this music and the prominent acts in Uganda who are behind it when I watched the Santuri Safari DJs ignite the crowd while remixing old African songs with additional live percussion.

Femme Electronic

This lineup included DJ Rachael and after that performance, I can confidently say that she is one of those that the Femme Electronic participants should definitely listen to. Uganda has numerous parties, events and similar platforms where DJs can showcase their skills but is still lacking when it comes to events that give people who are interested in music production and DJing a chance to learn and network.

With the prevailing culture and trends in the Djing industry, women who want to take on this craft are bound to face more hardships trying to get opportunities to learn and showcase their skills seeing as they have to be good at penetrating the male-dominated social structure in this industry and endure the negative criticism that is not so linked to their skill level, and also the segregation and manipulation from some other parties.

That said, this program is certainly a step in the right direction towards breaking down barriers for women who want to join the DJing industry, especially on the electronic music scene. The program will have more activities further down the road and you can keep tabs on them here.