Irene Ntale releases the “Omukwano Gwekilo” video

Irene Ntale

Irene Ntale is not about to leave your TV screen. The ever-growing Swangz Avenue singer seems to be getting better and better at making a good love song that the people can relate to. Whether it’s her earlier efforts like “Stay with me” and “Gyobera” or her more recent “Sembera”, she keeps using a different approach and still delivers.

This time round, she has released one called “Omukwano Gwekiro” which is Luganda for “Night Love”. Ugandan artists rarely go wrong when they add a little Zouk flavor to their music and this one takes it a step further with more elaborate guitar work thanks to production by D-King.

It is also very evident that the writing on this song is more mature as Irene effortlessly delivers lyrics with more complex Luganda terminologies and references. Whoever is behind this deserves a lot of credit.

Irene Ntale in the “Omukwano Gwekiro” video.

The video for this song which was directed by Meddie Menz is also out as we speak. Truthfully, I wasn’t too keen on some of Irene’s earlier videos especially the “Gyobera” video, but I have to commend her on always trying to get better.

Her recent video for her single “Sembera” was way better, more so on the concept side. The dancing could have been better though. With the video for “Omukwano Gwekiro”, there isn’t that much going on except for Irene blushing massively at some young guy but it does look neat and colorful.

It also has an interesting twist at the end that makes it seem like this song is a “booty-call” anthem, and it leaves no doubt that Irene looks good in white. All-in-all, I’d say, great song, presentable video, and it’s definitely going to do well. Why? Ugandans love to party, they love to dance, and this song caters to that to some extent.