Izaya makes his mark as a music producer


Before I tell you all about Izaya Mucunguzi, I feel like I should explain why it all matters. More often than not, when we listen to songs and like them, all the credit goes to the artists that appeared on the song. We tend to neglect the fact that a song is comprised of many elements with one of the major ones being the instrumental track.

This part of the song is usually done by the producer who also plays a role in guiding the artists and other personnel involved on how to perform during the creation of the track, especially the recording sessions.

Recent trends on the international scene have seen producers’ contributions gaining more attention especially when it comes to music that makes it to the club/party scene, from Major Lazer to Nic Nac, DJ Mustard and Metro Boomin.

Izaya’s style and work.

On the music production scene in Uganda, a young producer called Isaiah Mucunguzi a.k.a. Izaya is steadily rising up. Much as I’m a staunch Hip-Hop fan and Izaya has produced some good Hip-Hop tracks, I wouldn’t necessarily classify him as a Hip-Hop producer because that is too narrow.

Izaya has proved to be a lot of things that a lot of Ugandan producers aren’t, even when they claim to be. One is that he is very versatile meaning he can create music of different styles/genres from Hip-Hop to Dancehall, Afrobeat and a lot more.

He has also showed the ability to work with live instrumentation and fuse sounds from traditional African instruments with machine-synthesized sounds.

His more prominent works include the track “Empisa” of Ruyonga’s Gloy Fire album, another single by Ruyonga titled “Shule” and the “Sidda Mukyaalo” EP by Young Cardamom & HAB, excluding the opening track.

He also happens to be good at creating soundtracks for video projects e.g. films and has produced two of the songs in the forthcoming Disney movie “Queen of Katwe” that features Lupita Nyong’o and David Oyelowo, one of which is in the trailer below. This kind of work doesn’t come by that often for the average music producer be it in Uganda or elsewhere and it definitely deserves great applause.

With the quality of work he has to his name, Izaya is surely headed for big things. For all the production nerds, check out his new instrumental track titled “Self” and his other work here.