J.C. Muyonjo – Kanoonye (Recap #SNMS No. 279)

J.C. Muyonjo

Kanoonye – J.C. Muyonjo
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J.C. Muyonjo Interview
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J.C. Muyonjo intends to make 2016 his year and he already has a follow-up single to “If We Try”, which was his first one this year. The singer/guitarist paid us a visit last weekend on the show and premiered his new single titled “Kanoonye” which is Luganda for “let me search/look”.

J.C. Muyonjo

“Kanoonye” was produced by both J.C. Muyonjo and Abaasa. With his previous effort having been a softer and more conscious song, J.C. Muyonjo said that with this new single, he wanted to do something different and not the usual “guy singing while playing a guitar” thing.

The song does reflect that, seeing as it has a more vibrant Hiphop bounce to it and he did admit having a strong interest in Hiphop and production. On this track, J.C. professes in a cheery mood, his determination to persistently search for the partner he deserves and do everything he can to win her over.

Much as his singing his heart out about the topic of pursuing love, the track even minus the drums still has a great deal of energy and an oceanic aura to it which makes it able to fit in a party/jubilation setting.

“Kanoonye” is track number 5 off his forthcoming 6-track E.P. titled “If We Try” which he told us is already finished and that he plans on dropping at least another single and a video before releasing the full project.

In the past, J.C. Muyonjo has had a couple of appearances on some other artists’ tracks and put out a few of his own but the singles off the new E.P. show that he is more determined to curve out a space of his own within the R&B and Soul scene.

Later on this week, we shall bring telling you at least 5 things you didn’t know about J.C. Muyonjo but for now, download the track and share it.