Jah Brixman releases the video for “Mwagala”

Reggae in Uganda has considerable attention but Ugandan Reggae in particular hasn’t enjoyed that much of it and amongst the artists that are overlooked is one called Jah Brixman. He recently released a love song called “Mwagala” and being one of the more conscious Ugandan Reggae artists, the song has many more layers to it.

“Mwagala”, which is Luganda for “I love him/her”, is a song where Jah Brixman addresses the challenges of loving someone who doesn’t fit societies image of an ideal partner. He touches on the different things such as race, tribe, physique, financial and social status etc.

He goes on to state that he wants to stay loving his partner (a Caucasian woman) regardless of what people have to say about his relationship with her. In many African countries, it is not uncommon to find that people are very conservative when it comes to things such as relationships.

Things like a black African marrying a white woman or a black African woman marrying a white man tend to garner a lot of unnecessary attention and in some cases, the African family involved will try to block such a union.

Even things such as a man marrying a significantly older woman which are now becoming more common still raise eyebrows. Jah Brixman doesn’t stop there but goes on to address other discriminative beliefs arising from modern trends and more present amongst the younger generations.

He talks about how he doesn’t really care about the body shape of a potential partner, something that is increasingly gaining attention in the wrong way. It is not uncommon amongst the younger generation to consider women with very slender figures as more attractive than women who a bigger or more chubby, something that has been partly marketed by beauty pageants, fashion events and publications and the entertainment industry in general through music videos, movies, T.V. shows and other media.

The video for this song which was directed by Fazil for Fai Filmz is out now and much as there isn’t a lot going on in it, it does feature scenes that are synonymous with the message that Jah Brixman is trying to put across. The bulk of it shows him being affectionate towards a white woman on the beach with spectacular shots of the sand, water and sky along with the surrounding vegetation.

If you’re a Reggae fan in Uganda, look at the amount of Reggae you import and the amount of Ugandan Reggae you listen to, the latter is most probably way less than the former so go download this track and share it with the next person.